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Regardless of whether it is useful or not, bookmark it first and then decide...

In the browser's bookmarks, it seems that 80% of them have never been opened. Every time I use it, it's still Google...

ChatGPT shells (those with [√] are personal experiences):

There are too many shells, just choose a few to use. The best client is actually TG Bot.

Popular project rankings: ChatGPT Apps - Ranking

AI + PDF, academic papers:

AI Drawing:#

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Other resources:#

Digital Immigration#

SIM Card#

Physical cards are the main option, virtual cards cannot be used for many services;
Roaming fees and number retention are issues with physical cards.

UK giffgaff#

Zero monthly rent, but number retention is troublesome.

Different packages have different durations, such as 30/90/180 days, generally suitable for travel use. When the duration expires, the number will be reclaimed.

You can choose a package for purchase, and there are several packages that will not be reclaimed, but regular consumption is required. If you don't consume for more than 180 days, the number will still be reclaimed. Consuming will extend the duration by another 180 days. Consumption means sending a text message or making a phone call.

Recharge through Taobao or

US Paygo#

$1-3 per month

New Zealand Skinny#

No monthly rent, recharge once a year to retain the number (balance can be transferred, lowest cost)

Temporary Number Platforms#

A workaround for not having a physical SIM card.

Virtual Credit Card#

I haven't researched this much, except for Depay, I don't know much about the others.
The threshold is generally high, and the handling fee cannot be ignored.
Some services of domestic credit cards in full currency may be available, but most are not, and they are jokingly referred to as fake cards disguised as RMB...

  • Depay
    Currently seems to be the best choice, deposit with USDT
  • nobepay
    KYC directly discourages use
  • bentoforbusiness
  • lemonsqueezy
  • divvy
  • Stripe
  • Foton
  • Search for keywords VCC on Taobao
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